With more than 35 years of experience safeguarding businesses and nonprofit agencies, HR Solutions On-Call works with staff sizes ranging from 2 to 17,000.

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Established in 1998

Led by Dr. Steve Cohen and Austin J. Holt HR Solutions On-Call provides 24/7 HR support for organizations across the US. From simple day to day HR questions, to handling complicated or highly sensitive personnel dilemmas, HR Solutions On-Call is ready to partner with you.

Based in Lee’s Summit, MO, HR Solutions On-Call is a trued HR Consulting service who has a proven track record of solving simple and complex HR, personnel, management and strategic related problems.

HR Solutions is also heavily involved in the community, local schools and initiatives that create safer and more successful communities.


Professional HR Services are critical to fuel business performance for all companies.  

While many businesses recognize the value professional HR services could provide, often it isn’t until an HR crisis happens that professionals are engaged.  The impact of this decision is far-reaching and can involve lost productivity, lawyer fees, court costs and settlement costs totaling up to $250,000 or more.

At HR Solutions On-Call, we believe small and medium-sized businesses should have access to professional HR services that rival larger companies.   This is why we provide a simple subscription program giving our clients access to veteran HR professionals who provide customized recommendations unique to your business.

The HR Solutions On-Call program is made for businesses that need HR. We offer pre-designed and custom packages to meet the needs of nearly any business.

Most businesses who hire HR Solutions On-Call end up saving substantial amounts of money every year by reducing liability and even payroll.

You don’t have a designated HR representative and need those duties and responsibilities covered. We can be your human resources outsourcing services.

As a small to medium-sized business, you typically don’t need to employ a full-time HR person. With no one responsible for HR functions, you are most likely off-loading them to anyone in the office who will take them, or you may have avoided hiring someone all together.  Because of this, crucial HR functions are being managed by employees who don’t have a depth of knowledge in areas that represent significant risk for your business. This can lead to costly liabilities and disorganization – not to mention burn out of the employees who have to deal with HR services and don’t enjoy it or have the expertise to add value to your business.

Or, perhaps you’re in a place where you recognize the value of hiring a full-time  HR person would bring to your business, but hesitate when you run the numbers totaling a minimum of $38,000 per year in salary alone.

We know these challenges all too well.  In fact, our most valued clients started exactly where you are.  We’re here to provide you real HR solutions that are affordable, expert-led and customized to meet your unique needs.  Let’s partner together and save you between $35,000-45,000 per year through our HR Complete package. (With an investment of only $3,000 per year)

You need to supplement your HR team with high-level expertise.

Many small to medium sized businesses employ a single, on-site HR representative commonly referred to as an “HR Clerk”. This HR person, though trained in HR, is not often prepared to handle high-level HR duties which if handled incorrectly, can close a business down.

Our HR Solutions On-Call HR Premium Package would allow you to supplement your current HR team by adding the support of a $150,000-180,000 per year hire to your HR team, for a fraction of the investment.

You need someone to manage and/or consolidate your HR associates.

HR Solutions On-Call can act as the head of your HR department or the entire department, which gives you the opportunity to have expert-level advisement and the opportunity to consolidate, saving your business tens or hundreds of thousands per year.

Our HR Full-Service package is transforming businesses in how they are managing their HR service center. Gain the expertise and tools of an expert-level HR team and save enormous amounts of money.

Business owner or HR Manager? Read this letter from 35 year HR Veteran Dr. Steve Cohen, written to you, right here.


Here's a glimpse into how we can help transform your company's HR resources and culture.

We offer a comprehensive employment solution that grants you 24/7 access to a top-tier HR consultant, payroll and benefits administration, HR management, and assistance with employer compliance.

With HR Solutions On Call as your strategic HR partner, you can focus on developing your products, services and employees, and they’ll handle HR.

Your HR needs are as unique as your company, which is why we believe customized support is the foundation for better business performance.

Imagine being able to pick up the phone and call a veteran HR professional with any question, problem or idea that’s related to HR and be given a solution immediately?

Our HR Solutions On-Call clients are provided a 24/7 concierge service for all their HR needs.  We’re here to provide you customized consultation that is real time, expert-led and holistically supports your business needs.   From hiring and firing to identifying potential risk, we insure the full-breadth of your HR questions are vetted through an expert.

Having the right people in place is critical to developing a high-performance culture for your business.  From hiring the right talent to fill critical roles to mitigating the impact when termination is necessary, these decisions generate the greatest risk for your business.


So why leave these critical HR functions to chance?

Our HR Solutions On-Call clients are provided peace of mind around all hiring and firing decisions.  We are your strategic partner to advise and manage these foundational HR functions. Our HR knowledge and expertise guarantees your practices are legally defensible, support your business objectives and create a high-performance culture.

At some point, most businesses find themselves in crisis situations where expert HR advice is needed. It is in these moments most businesses wish they had invested in a suite of HR services that guided and protected them in a difficult situation.


The stress you experience during a crisis can easily be avoided.

Our HR Solutions On-Call Clients are supported during mess management with customized advice including, but not limited to:

  • Investigations
  • Significant company restructure
  • Employment relations issues
  • Acquisitions and mergers

Your employees are one of your greatest business assets.  Developing comprehensive training ensures you retain talent and equip employees for job success now and in the future.  Employees need a variety of training opportunities through-out their career to support their specific development needs.

Our HR Solutions On-Call Clients are provided comprehensive training resources that support employee productivity and growth while guaranteeing you remain legally compliant.  Training and development resources include important topics such as:

  • Positive Company Culture
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Management and Leadership Development
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Training Manuals