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In the business world the department of human resources is a very essential department. The department handles hiring, firing, payroll, training, clerical duties, mediation, conflict resolution, and several other tasks. The director human resources is an essential position that must be filled by someone with a strong background in business, human resources, human relations, and communication. The director human resources can be a very difficult position at times as well as a very enjoyable position at times. 

The director human resources must learn to appropriately communicate with both the executives and employees. The director can be seen as the link between the staff and the executives. Often the director is passing on employee concerns to the executives and arguing for why these concerns should be handled. However, there are plenty of times that the director will be placed in an awkward position with staff. The staff will come to the director with personal or work place problems and the director must be able to counsel that person appropriately. If it is a personal problem that is affecting their work, often their absence at work or their lack of productivity is noticed first. Then the problem is addressed because their work is slipping. Also if there are problems in the work place between employees it is the director’s responsibility to mediate and then try to resolve the conflict and find a solution. This can be very difficult for the director. 

The director human resources must try and remain unbiased because they cannot be choosing sides of the argument based on personal feelings of one person or another. During mediation and conflict resolution there are often harsh feelings established and this is the difficulty of the profession. Director of human resources must be able to take these feelings and opinions as work place only and not take them personally. The other difficulty of director human resources is that because they are the person staff go and see with their problems, there is no one for them to go to with concerns other than the executives above them. That is really difficult because the problem could directly involve the executive they have to go talk to.

The positive of director human resources is that it is a secure and attractive career opportunity. There are still opportunities for that person to be hired in senior management positions. It is also a position found in so many different work places that transferring to another company is definitely possible. The job allows contact with persons and does not rely only on paper work only. There are many opportunities for people with this title. It is also a position sought out by people who have worked in the field of human resources in other positions and wish to move up in the company into management.