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Contact: Robin Todd, Owner & Founder

Website: mindful-momentum.com

Phone: 816.820.0363

Email: robin@mindful-momentum.com

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Mindful Momentum Inc.

Mindfulness training, professional development & more.

Our world is made up of people under pressure, coping with stress, overwhelmed by commitments; personal discordance that affects physical and mental well-being.

At mindful momentum we help cultivate a culture of positive growth by unleashing the power of the individual.

We educate, helping people understand the science behind how the brain works.

We demonstrate, through scientific evidence, spanning decades, that people can successfully retrain their thought-processes.

We reveal micro-practices people can implement immediately at naturally occurring moments throughout the day. The result: better engagement, increased productivity, improved health and personal satisfaction.

Mindful-Momentum Offers…

Lunch and Learn: Mindfulness is the perfect topic for your next lunch and Learn! Our trainer will provide a one-hour session on mindful practices and share simple techniques to integrate into day to day life.

Speaking Engagements: The science behind mindfulness continues to grow and individuals, businesses and the community are recognizing the value of its practice. Invite our trainers to your next speaking engagement and we’ll make sure the content is timely, relevant and targeted to your group.

Retreats: Your retreat participants will love a customized session designed with them in mind. Our trainers will provide tailored content and techniques to insure your retreat participants walk away renewed and refreshed.

Not seeing what you had in mind? Mindful Momentum wants to partner with you to identify a customized solution that meets your needs. Meet with one of our certified trainers and we’ll brainstorm with you on the best solution.