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If your municipality has anything to do with people: this letter is for you

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Dear Municipality Leader:

Either you are an elected official or you are a city or county leader, probably one with management responsibilities.   

HR Solutions On-Call has 50 or more municipal clients (past and present). We know the unique problems of working with public monies and complex problems.  There are fiduciaries and ethics considerations that you deal with that exist no where else.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to have someone else to go to for support when it comes to your HR related needs? You have enough on your shoulders.

Let’s be honest… there are political factors that shape everyday decisions that do not exist in business or not for profit settings.  There are different and additional laws and rules that apply to municipal settings, like Sunshine Laws that must be accommodated. Politics and political considerations must be factored into decisions. Politics can be a very dirty game.

HR Solutions On-Call is essential to navigate the HR, management, governance, and organizational design issues that matter.  Newly elected public officials with little management and governance experience need help. Managers with good intentions need guidance because there is little tolerance for error.  

Policy manuals need to be up to date. Wage and salary systems need to be simple and yet highly structured.  Performance appraisal or evaluation systems need to be clear. Managing dad to day can be challenging. Leaders cannot vent down and cannot take unpolished ideas and plan up. HR Solutions On-Call was designed to be a real time, 24/7 resource and will work for you as it has for dozens and dozens of other city and county organizations.   

Inquire with HR Solutions Today, and/or take our FREE HR review using the button below and we’ll be happy to tell you exactly what you need to do to make sure you continue to sail smoothly.