With more than 35 years of experience safeguarding businesses and nonprofit agencies, HR Solutions On-Call’s simple and easy to implement Whistle Blower Hotline Program protects employees and leaders from life-changing, and business-threatening risk.

Whistle Blower Program | HR Solutions On-Call

At a Glance

The Whistle Blower Hotline Program is a comprehensive HR system which allows an organization to provide a true, third-party outlet for employees to report adverse workplace experiences to.

Every organization should have a Whistle Blower Hotline program. Employers have everything to gain by installing one and truly nothing to lose.

Having a true, third party whistle blower program says,

  1. You care enough about your people to provide a safe channel for them to report something, in the unfortunate event something happens. Usually, this is “when” not “If” something happens.
  2. You are confident in your work culture. So confident you’ve provided a safe place for people to go.
  3. You care about the longevity and success of your organization.

The Whistle Blower Hotline Program can also help you avoid liability and risk to extreme penalties enforced by the Federal Government.

Once you become a subscriber to our service, here’s how the process works: 

Step 1: We’ll design posters to be placed around your place of business which make your employees, staff or volunteers aware of a 24/7 hotline where adverse experiences can be reported, such as but not limited to:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Racism and Discrimination
  • Assault and Safety
  • Fraud, Corruption and Non-Compliance
  • Blackmail and Extortion

Step 2: You will install those posters in key areas of your organization

Step 3: Should something happen, your employees will know they have a secure and safe outlet to share what’s happening through our phone or email system.

Step 4: We will take a statement, evaluate the complaint and then submit an official report to the employer’s key leadership with suggestions on how to move forward.


To learn more about our program, and how we can easily install it into your organization, please schedule a 100% free, and confidential overview call using the button below.