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FREE HR Compliance Checkup

FREE HR Compliance Checkup

Answer all of the questions below to the best of your abilities and you'll automatically receive a no-cost evaluation along with action items you need to take to become compliant. No credit card needed, and hiring us to help with the action items is purely optional(though recommended of course).

Do you have a company policy manual?
If so, when was it last updated?
Do you have job descriptions for all positions?
Do you have a formal way to evaluate each employee's performance?
Do you have a formal process for recruiting, interviewing and hiring employees?
Do you have sexual harassment prevention training?
Do you have a formal plan for employee compensation and payroll compliance?
Do you have a policy for drug testing?
Do you have accommodations for those with disabilities?
Do you have policies and a plan for Affirmative Action?
Do you have personnel files for each of your employees?
Do you properly store all employee medical records and information?
Do you have an ethics line for employees to call when suspecting fraud, harassment, etc?
Do you have a formal process to onboard and offboard employees or contractors?
How do you prefer we contact you?